R.I.P Grip Plyaz

06/21/2017 0

Yesterday, ATL rapper Grip Plyaz was laid to rest in Atlanta, Georgia.  He passed away after a long hard fought battle with cancer.  Despite his illness…


The Legend of Zelda….

04/09/2017 0

            The legend of Zelda is an action/adventure game based on the journeys of the main character, Link.  He is often tasked with saving…


Summer Sneaker Rotation

07/30/2017 0

By MikeJaye21 When choosing my sneaker rotation for the summer months I go for something low top, breathable & comfortable. Having a all white pair…


Lt. Col Ralph Peters, Takes No Shorts When Dealing…

07/16/2017 0

On Fox News a few days ago Lt. Col Ralph Peters confronted Tucker Carlson over his opinions about Vladimir Putin and Russia's role in affecting…


Aries Merritt: 1/2 Man, 1/2 Amazing

06/20/2017 0

Aries Merritt picks up another great win in the Diamond League professional track and field circuit.  While you see the greatness and smoothness he displays…


Lets See What Gee is Up To

05/07/2017 0


Movies & Shows

Amy Pascal Confirms Venom NOT in MCU!!

06/25/2017 0 So Amy Pascal finally decides to clarify on her Venom MCU statement from about a week ago that everyone's been jumping all over.  If…

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