Giovonni Pratt is a hip-hop artist and an entrepreneur based in Atlanta. His music is much like his personality; fueled with deep passion but still cool, calm and collected. He released his second studio album, A Beautiful Mind, in November of 2010. His lyrical style is clearly stated but with a healthy dose of vigor. Giovonni’s music has been compared to Q-Tip, Drake, Lupe Fiasco and the golden era of hip-hop. He has earned attention as a finalist in many national contests powered by social media and fan votes. Raised in the Bronx, Giovonni now lives outside Atlanta. Growing up, his love for hip-hop grew after his stepfather introduced him to DJing. He decided to remain in Georgia after he served five years in the United States Air Force that also took him to Virginia and South Korea. During his freshman year of college, with little money and no place to stay, he was forced to spend a short stint homeless— sleeping on benches and hiding his luggage. “Being homeless did more than change my life,” said Giovonni, “it made me the man I am today because it taught me never to take life, and its obstacles for granted.” Now, Giovonni is a college graduate from DeVry University with a degree in business. Giving back is important to Giovonni, who has given over $2,000 to the National Wildlife Fund by donating a portion of his album proceeds from A Beautiful Mind. He also founded the company, Umbrella Coded Music. UCM is a network of professionals dedicated to artist development through music, management and everything in between. The network includes several names that make special appearances on A Beautiful Mind including internationally known, DJ Princess Cut who has toured with Gucci Mane, Goodie Mob and been featured on MTV, BET and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Other talents on the album include DJ Fu, Petey Green, St. Laz, NYOIL, and Illa Funk.

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