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When choosing sneakers to bring with you on a trip it should be easy right? In theory it should be simple: grab a few pairs & be in your way..Not for me.
When choosing the pairs I’m bringing with me the location and weather are deciding factors on what to bring. Example if I’m traveling somewhere that will have rain in the forecast I won’t play myself & bring out a pair of my puma suede’s or something with nubuck on it. Instead I would go for a material that can handle a little rain like an
Air Jordan 1 & Adidas Stan Smith. So if you want to stunt with some of your best pairs when traveling make sure to check the weather!

Written By MikeJaye21 For Clip Kingz Media, LLC

Current Traveling Kicks: Air Jordan 1 Mid, Adidas Stan Smith & Puma R698 Snow Splatter 3M

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